Connecticuts Premium Billiards Bar and Restaurant

75 Ella Grasso Turnpike

Windsor Locks, CT 06096


Mark Kulungian

New England Billiards Hall of Fame Member

  • 1972 Mark began playing pool at age 14
  • 1974 Purchased first Balabushka cue.
    • Began actively collecting cues
  • 1976-81 Attended and graduated from West Virginia University
    • Founder of West Virginia University Billiards Club
    • Taught Pocket Billiards at W.V.U. (accredited course)
  • 1978 The name “Pool Table Magic” was born.
    • Started touring United States giving TRICK SHOT demonstrations and teaching how to play.    
  • 1977-79 Three-time consecutive winner West Virginia 8-Ball Championships
  • 1977-80 Four-time consecutive winner West Virginia Straight Pool Championships
  • 1978 Established George’s Billiard Supply, Morgantown, WVA, as a tribute to Balabushka
    •  To help finance his college education.
  • 1988 First Certified Pocket Billiards Instructor in Connecticut
  • 1989 Opened Pool Table Magic in Enfield, CT.
    • 14 table room
    • Serving soft drinks and snacks. 
    • Hosting Leagues and tournaments
  • 1990-93 Trick Shot of the Month Writer for “All About Pool” magazine
  • 1991 Expanded business with pool table sales and service
  • 1992-93 Technical Advisor with Paul Rubino, and Victor Stein, on the “The Billiard Encyclopedia”
  • 1992-94  Guest speaker for “College of Knowledge”
    • International Billiard Congress of America Convention
  • 1992-93 Technical Advisor with Brad Simpson writing “The Blue Book of Pool Cues” First Edition        
  • 1994 Winner United States Eastern Regional Trick Shot Championship
  • 1995-96 Winner United States National Amateur 8-Ball Championships
  • 1998 Technical Advisor for “The Pool Cue Book: A Buyer’s Guide” 
  • 1998 Technical Advisor for “The Blue Book of Pool Cues” Second Edition.            
  •  1999 Pool Table Magic opens in East Windsor, CT.
    • Awarded Best Pool Room in United States and Canada for Architecture and Design.
    • 18 tables with beer, wine and food service.
    • Complete retail sales/service with showroom.                       
  • 2002 Internationally recognized for having one of best/finest cue collections
    • Specializing in legendary cuemakers George Balabushka and Gus Szamboti
  • 2003-04 Technical Advisor for “Blue Book of Pool Cues” Third Edition
  • 2005 Pool Table Magic opens in Windsor Locks, CT.
    • 13 tables, 2 private rooms for parties
    • Full liquor sevice and restaurant.
    • Museum quality billiard displays decorating entire room
    • World Trick Shot Competition Ranking #24
  • 2009 League Operator for Billiard Congress of America Pool League
  • 2011 Inducted into the New England Pool and Billiards Hall of Fame